Vedanta Quotes

Within a dream, my doing actions or not doing actions both are useless.

Because when you realize that the dream world which you were considering as real, actually it no where exits. read more…

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Vedanta Quotes


The moment one open his eyes to this world & its objects, they become real. read more…

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Vedanta Quotes


Even if this smoke, which is seen from eyes, and understood as existed now, will not exists later.
This smoke was never existed, before its was created & where will it go ?

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Vedanta Quotes

Hyena 1  – My failure are never ending, wherever I go my bad luck follow me. When will all this end ? read more…

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The Bold Beggar


This story is based on Chandogya Upanishad
There were two Rishi – Rishi Shaunak and Abhiprataari. They were the worshippers of Vaayu Dev, the wind god. read more…

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What are Upanishads ?

The term Upanishad (‘upa’ near; ‘ni’ down; ‘sad’ to sit) means sitting down near; this implies the students sitting down read more…

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Vedanta Quotes

The purpose which one hold as true,
what value it will have after 100 year’s ? read more…

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Vedanta Quotes

सोना और जागना इस देह कि अवस्थाये है । यह आत्मा न सोता है read more…

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Vedanta Quotes

Even after knowing the suffering this body goes through in each life, if one doesn’t aspire to know the purpose of his birth.

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